Founded in 1927 as flat green bowling club originally located in Homefield Park (the Peoples Park).

1904      Mr W George and ten other Worthing residents wrote to the Council requesting a bowling green in

              Homefield Park. The Council agreed to provide a green for play with an estimate of £85.

1905      Bowls started in Worthing  at a cost of 3p/hour or 10/6p for the season.

1907      Worthing bowls club was founded on April 17th.

1910     The Council agreed to a clubhouse, but the club was to provide it at a cost of £32.00.

1922     Worthing Council purchased Beach House and it's 10 acres of ground for £8,250.

1924    The two bowling greens to the East were laid for £1,929.

1925   The pavilion was built for £3,029. Worthing bowling club played a representative match to mark

            the opening of the greens.

1927     Homefield Park bowling club was formed.

1929     A third bowling green was added in the North West corner at a cost of £425.00

1934     A fourth bowling green was laid in the South West corner at a cost of £414.

1935     The West Pavilion was built

1941     Enemy bombs damaged the two North greens.

1967     A fifth bowling green was laid to the North of the pavilion at the cost of £8,759.

1971     Homefield Park bowling club moved to Beach House park to allow for building of an extension

             to Worthing Hospital. Work started on a new pavilion for the 1972 World Bowls championship.

2012     Worthing Ladies bowling club join Homefield Park bowling club with infusion of County, National and

             International players.

2014     Member of Homefield Park wins Gold at the Commonwealth games in Glasgow.

The History of Homefield Park Bowling Club